My Experience at The Curly Treats Festival

This post was first published on my old blog on 01/08/2018

Since I started my natural hair journey, I have learned so much about my hair, myself, and my heritage in ways that I have never thought possible. Of course, I have days when I don't have patience to care for my hair and I feel frustrated because I ran out of ideas to style it. However, I remember how much I love my hair now and everything becomes fine again.

Curly Festival 2018

Curlytreats Festival London

On the last weekend of July, I volunteered to help at the Curlytreats Festival London

It was an eye-opening experience that resembled homecoming.

The event was very interesting and diverse. It was not only about hair, but also about lifestyle. The purpose was to empower black women and men with knowledge and understanding they can apply not only to their hair care, but to life in general.

For me personally, it was a whole new kind of experience. I have never been to an event aimed solely at black women before. Being around more than 2,000 black women was a powerful learning experience. It reminded me that like our hair, we come in many different shades and shapes, but when we fully embrace what makes us unique, we rise and shine beyond our imagination.
I saw different generations of women rocking their curls, braids and coils like Queens and doing awesome things. Some of them are pushing boundaries and challenging the stereotypes of what it means to be a woman and black.

Probably the coolest registration desk in town

Probably the coolest registration desk in town

Winds of change

I felt proud to be part of the change. Have I had been to these kinds of events when growing up, I believe I might have not experienced so many identity crises.

CLHair doing her magic

CLHair doing her magic


This was also a good opportunity to up my game when it comes to hair care and styling. I discovered new products and learned new tricks that will help me wear my natural hair more easily and with confidence. After this event, my hair game will never be the same again!

#Representation matters

I came back home tired, but inspired to be more "myself". I guess is nothing more, nothing less than being just as (fill in the gaps with awesomeness) as I am. And that is a good starting point for an amazing journey that may take me to the unknown, but also offers potential for amazing adventures and growth at all levels.

Everyobody needs to see a version of themselves doing something. It’s just good. It makes you feel you can do it!’’ .
— Chris Rock

At the end of the festival, I came across a lovely lady who makes dolls in different colours and shades. I was really amazed to see how representation can enable empowerment. How awesome is for black girls to see a doll like themselves and not only blonde barbies.
It made me understand that I personally will make sure I expose myself to more positive images of black people in my everyday life. Also, when I have children they will definitely get a diverse collection of dolls to remind them that we live in a rainbow world.

Goodie bags

Goodie bags

Rainbow dolls

Rainbow dolls

I really enjoyed being part of the festival. Moreover, as a volunteer I got the opportunity to meet new people, got lots of goodies to share with my friends and even (re) encountered my future hairdresser. It's a funny story: I already knew her as we crossed paths in a salon where we both worked in the past. However, because it has been more than 5 years and we both changed radically, we only recognised each other at the end of the festival.

The Curlytreats Festival will be back in London next year. Make sure you join the movement to share, learn, and empower each other. Please have a look at the CurlyTreats Festival website where you can see the photos and read the testimonials.

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One word for you all: yummy!

One word for you all: yummy!

Honey & Date raw cakes - This is my newest discovery and as a foodie, it's just the dream. My favourite flavour is Pandan.
I first tried Pandan during my friend's funeral service and every time I eat something made with Pandan, I like it because it automatically brings back good memories of us together.

Banksy Greatest hits - if you love streetart, you cannot miss this exhibition and it's for free.
I visited it and was really interesting. There are just few pieces of work, but they make you reflect about the world we are living in. That's the purpose of art, I guess.

Intermittent fasting – I am still doing it every week and it totally changed my relationship to food.
Now, not only I eat less, but I am also more aware of when I am eating because I am hungry or just because I saw something and desired it. It actually proved my point, because before I used to say to people that I follow a diet called "See Food" where when I see food, I want to eat it.

Driving lessons - I stopped driving for more than 6 years. This month I have decided to go re-learn driving and took some few refresher lessons where I felt that I sucked. I have decided to change instructor.
Meanwhile, my friend took me out for informal driving sessions. It went well and I got a bit of my mojo back. Thanks A. for your patience!
I feel much better and will take some more lesson just to feel more confident and competent. I can see myself becoming super confident behind the wheel again, almost like Kimi Raikkonen.