7 Health & Wellbeing Apps to help you feel good

Nowadays, there are now apps for pretty much everything. It was just a question of time until there are apps focused on mental health and general wellbeing.

Here are some of the most known apps in the market. You can search them online or in the apps stores.

The 7 Health and Wellbeing Apps

#1-Headspace (aimed at Meditation)

This is the founding father of all wellbeing apps. I used it years ago when it was in its Beta version. I tried the yearly membership and it was the best thing I have done for my wellbeing.

It’s packed with guided meditation and challenges and resources to deepen your meditation practise. It also have specific bites for when you facing specific problems: focus, anxiety or just want company for a mindful lunch break.

They cartoons are always so funny and helps your understand complex concepts easily, especially when the founder voice is so pleasant to hear.

#2-Calm (aimed at Anxiety)

This app promises to help you feel calmer. The deliver lots of soothing music and guided meditation.

Just reading their ads on the tube during my commute makes me feel calmer.

#3-Happy Not Perfect (aimed at kindness towards self)

This app packs lots of mindfulness, emotional awareness exercises and meditations. The goal is to help you befriend yourself and thus becoming more compassionate towards yourself and give yourself permission to be happy in your everyday.

#4-Pacifica (aimed at Stress, Anxiety and Depression)

This app uses the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model to help you track your mood and understand when your mood is low or triggered so that you can do something about it. The goal is to help you become more peaceful. Hence the name Pacifica.

#5-Grateful (aimed at gratitude)

This a journal and also exercises to help you find some perspective and appreciate the things that are working in your life that could otherwise go unnoticed.

#6-Pzizz Sleep and Cycle Alarm Clock (aimed at a good night’s sleep)

The first provides sounds curated by the experts in the field to help your drift away into a good night’s sleep. The second helps you find the best time to wake up according to the circadian cycle so that you can wake up in the lightest phase of the sleep cycle feeling refreshed and energised.

#7-Plant Nanny (aimed at optimal level of hydration)

This app helps you drink more water throughout the day by showing you little plant that gets watered every time you drink water. Yes, he/she/it will die if you don’t drink enough water.

There you have it folks. All you need for your wellbeing right in your pocket.

Please note that is highly recommended you consult a qualified professional when it comes to mental health issues, because some of these apps are general solutions and might not be enough to address deeper issues.

See you soon.

Feel good >Enjoy life

Lili x