The feel good club


The Feel Good Club is a global movement which aims to help communities thrive. We help vulnerable individuals and groups become advocate for their own Wellbeing and quality of life.

Well-being is more than just happiness. As well as feeling satisfied and happy, wellbeing means developing as a person, being fulfilled, and making a contribution to the community.
— Shah H and Marks N (2004) ‘A wellbeing manifesto for a flourishing society’, London:nef

Our Mission

The feel Good Club is both a dream and a mission:

‘‘Wellbeing & Quality of Life for ALL.’’

We want to make Wellbeing knowledge, skills and tools accessible to those who most need them but can’t afford because of their current life circumstances.

Through this work, we believe that we are doing a little to help create a strong and caring Community.

We aim to help communities to become more empowered and skilled at supporting its members both in favourable times and in times of need and adversity. A growing body of research shows that individuals can overcome adversity more effectively, if they have a reliable and supportive social network.


A strong and caring community

  • A place where Everyone is treated with respect, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, culture, language, social status or sexual orientation;

  • A place where Everyone is represented in all areas, and at all levels of public life;

  • A place where Everyone has access to dry, safe and warm accommodation in a neighbourhood with decent living conditions;

  • A place that helps All People stay healthy, active and happy;

  • A place where Everyone has access to knowledge, opportunities and resources to learn and apply their talents and skills to perform decently paid jobs that bring them satisfaction and contribute to the wider society;

  • A place where Access to employment and promotion is based on the ability; motivation and experience;

  • A place that Helps those who, for some reason, can no longer look after themselves to live with dignity and enjoyment;

  • A place where Everyone is involved in the community and can express their voices to help make it a better place for all.

Current & Upcoming activities

This year, The Feel Good Club have a residency at The Community Hub at The Canvas Cafe. We host regular activities open to everyone in the Community.

We also organise Wellbeing activities in partnership with individuals, groups and organisations around London.

You can check all the activities that are happening on the Feel Good Events page.

past activities

2017 - D. Dinis Library, Lisbon

2017 - D. Dinis Library, Lisbon

2016 - Peckham Library, London

2016 - Peckham Library, London

2016 - Dulwich Library, London

2016 - Dulwich Library, London

support us

Many awesome individuals have given their time, energy, and money to help The Feel Good Club get off ground.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to collaborate with more individuals, groups and, organisations in order to bring The Feel Good Club to more vulnerable communities around the world.

The whole purpose of The Feel Good Club is to be a complementary service to what other individuals, groups and organisations are already doing. This way we can enrich the community by combining and enhancing each other's talents.

Our primary goal at the moment is to work with Young People around London. The number of young people killed by knife in the city is too high to ignore and it’s a problem that affects us all. Therefore, we would like to do our bit to help.

It’s absolutely not just a policing issue, it involves everybody: schools, communities, hospital, prisons, and we work in workplaces as well.
— Dr Christine Goodall, director of charity Medics Against Violence

Lidia has been raising awareness and funds for The Feel Good Club through her Public Speaking, activities and events. If you want to be part of this forward thinking project and make a difference in people’s lives, please get in touch.