The 3-Steps #Feelgood method

my approach = Awareness+Support+Kindness


As a Lifestyle Designer, I am passionate about helping Extremely Busy People.

Everyday, I see my clients taking amazing steps towards living a more balanced life and it has an overall positive effect on others, myself included.

Let the magic begin!

I created and have been using the 3 - Steps #FEELGOOD method which has helped many people feel good and enjoy life. What sets me apart is that my methods are personalised, based on Coaching, Mindfulness, and other evidence-based approaches. Some of them might sound unconventional, but I can guarantee you will achieve real results fast.

There is no denying that the key to optimum health and happiness lies in SELF CARE.
— jayne hardy, founder and ceo of the blurt foundation

It’s about self care & self love


We all know that Self Care is important for Wellbeing. However, there is a gap between “knowing” and “doing”.

My job is to help you bridge that gap and get you where you want to be in life.

You are invited to embark on a journey where you will be using your actual circumstances as stepping stones to creating your desired lifestyle.

It’s almost like mixing all the pieces and putting a puzzle back together. Above all it’s about making the choice to look after yourself first and befriend yourself by treating yourself as good as you would do to your best friend.



Start With Yourself First

If you are an Extremely Busy Person, you might hold busyness and sacrifice as a true badge of honour.

You may even neglect your Wellbeing and this leads you to experience confusion, stress, overwhelm, shame and guilt due to the pressure and expectations to “do it all and have it all” in several roles at work and at home. I’ve been there too.

It’s easy to fall into that trap, because we are living in a world where everyone and everything seems to be required to be perfect. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

If you are ready and serious about making changes, it will be a pleasure to support you.

My role is to help you start where you are now and with what you already have. I believe that’s more than enough to get you moving forward despite whatever fears might arise.

I like to treat my clients as ‘‘friends to be’’. Therefore, I make sure that our sessions happen within an informal and non-judgmental environment.

It’s all about making sure you feel welcomed, supported and valued during our work together. But bear in mind that doesn’t mean I will enable you to pursue unhealthy and ineffective habits. I like to be kind, but also hold my clients accountable to take ownership and do the work.

In chaos lies opportunity.
— Unknown


The journey is about you becoming more (insert your name here).

It’s also about reminding yourself that you are enough and worthy of love, respect and, appreciation just for the simple fact of being you regardless of what you have been told.

You just have to be YOU. You aren’t perfect, I know. But neither am I or anybody else who dares to be and live fully as a human being. What matters is to feel #Enough and #Notperfect.

During the Feel Good Sessions, we will design and create together a Personalised Lifestyle Plan which includes a daily Self Care ritual to help you feel good, have energy and stay sane while navigating your hectic life. That includes exploring and changing limiting beliefs, finding clarity about your purpose and roles in life. This way, you can more free andfocused while working to achieve your dreams and goals.

Everyone needs somebody to listen to them.

I take time to listen to you in a supportive and non-judgmental way. Part of the process is to work together so that you can harness skills that will allow you to find your own way to meet your daily needs.

  • You will be able to express yourself openly and fully ;

  • You will introduce small changes that will lead to positive behaviours which will lead to real results fast;

  • You will see things from different perspectives and overcome limiting beliefs.

Surprisingly, I recommend my clients to rest and play as it would go out of fashion. It’s a good way to remember that hanging out with friends or doing fun things is not only for children and teenagers.

Once we get this stage on track, we can move onto the next step: organising your living and working space so that you can become more productive and save time for what matters.


Sort your space and routine

It’s a natural desire to want to live a lifestyle where you have enough time, space and energy to be yourself. Your home is supposed to be your safe place in the world. That’s why it’s important to have a stress-free and cosy home.

Life truly begins after you have put your house in order.
— Unknown

I used to work as Professional Organiser and worked in almost 200 houses.

I could notice that Extremely Busy People usually have an hectic lifestyle and and their diary is so packed that they sometimes struggle to complete mundane, usually domestic, tasks.

Over time, this behaviour becomes chronic and starts reflecting in their space and routines. There is actually a term for it: Errand Paralysis and you are not alone on this, because more and more people admit avoiding or chronically postponing personal tasks and domestic chores.

Until recently I assumed this was down to laziness, incompetence or both. But perhaps the answer is something else: not sloth or ineptitude but “Errand paralysis.
— Alice Azania Jarvis

When working together, we will look at your space and routine and address what gets in the way of you being relaxed, organised and, productive.This is the right time to declutter your wardrobe, home, office and calendar.

In this stage, the majority of my clients realise that a cluttered space, whether is a wardrobe, home, office or calendar are just symptoms of deeper causes. Most of the time, they reflect fear, self-doubt and lack of boundaries. Ouch! Tell me where it hurts, because I have been there too.

You will recognise the need to let go of what is no longer necessary or beneficial in order to make time and space for what you need, want and, love.

It’s about cutting down and creating alternatives to the unhealthy habits, the toxic people, “energy vampires” (yes, they exist) and the ineffective routines that have prevailed in your life until know.

These can be hard choices.

At first there will be some fear and resistance, but I will be on your side, supporting you and helping you stay sane and grounded, especially when things get too emotional.

Once you release what is not working, you will be left with the things that makes you feel good and bring you joy and meaning. As Marie Kondo would say: “Spark joy”.

My home was a disorganised mess.
Lidia put on her Wonder Woman cape and guided me through the process. Sometimes you know (theoretically) what to do, but you might not have the practical skills to execute.
Lidia did a great job with energy, professionalism and class.
— Emma S., London

STEP 3 - The Art of Good Living

Enjoy Life!

Since you now have more time and more energy, now you can go out there and enjoy life.

In this stage, I will invite you to revisit your most pleasant memories.

What was it like to be joyful and carefree?

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
— #1 regret in Top five regrets of the dying

The feelings aren’t lost, they just got buried by layers of responsibilities that comes with adulting. But it doesn’t have to be like this. You can still be a responsible Business Owner, Professional, Parent, Carer, and have some fun in life.

You can start by learning to cultivate authenticity, creativity, joy, gratitude and meaning in your everyday until it becomes an intuitive way of life: Your Way!

And that my friend, will make you feel happier and successful because you are not longer striving to make things happen in the future, but living the life you want, right here, right now. That’s what I call: the art of good living.

Does this sound like you? Then, let’s work together.

What some clients have achieved using the 3-Steps #ASKmethod:

  • Awareness to recognise and express their needs, even the most difficult ones;

  • Courage to reclaim their space, time, energy, and money;

  • More energy to go after their dreams, no matter how silly it might sound;

  • More time to do what really matters to them;

  • More joy because they start living the way they always wanted. Sometimes just the fact that they can have #metime without feeling guilty or ashamed is a breakthrough.

Why not try it for yourself?

Feel Good > Enjoy Life

Lili x