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When I speak, I do it with a sense of mission.

I am delighted to share my knowledge about Wellbeing and Lifestyle with individuals, groups and organisations in both Corporate and Non-Profit settings.

I have spoken about the importance of Self Care to audiences of all sizes, backgrounds and walks of life.

My talks, seminars and workshops are designed to help the audience understand that Self Care is a choice that can positively transform their life at all levels.


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Lidia was a fantastic speaker at our conference. She was very engaging while also having a calm presence on stage (an impressive balance to strike) which made the information she shared easy to digest. What she shared was clear and informative(...)
Loads of our attendees commented on how amazing Lidia was and how thought provoking her talk was. Lidia is a natural public speaker.

My Style

delivering the message

Me in action at The Jelly Bean Conference 2018

Me in action at The Jelly Bean Conference 2018

I love to talk and help people feel good and enjoy life.

Believe it or not, as a kid, I used to tell my Mum that I would be speaking for a living.

First of all, I see myself as a Life-Lover, Learner and Sharer. So when I am on stage, I like to keep the topics relevant to the audience background and everyday life.

My style is eye-opening, engaging and empowering

The purpose is to challenge the audience to think outside the box in order to disrupt unhealthy patterns and achieve real results fast.


As former a Journalist, Public Relations and, Events Manager, I have learned how to deliver impacting messages with lighthearted humour leaving the audience both entertained and inspired to go out and take actions straight away.

Above all, I like to keep things real: it’s not about wishing and expecting miracles, but rather about investing in Self Care and consistently taking actions towards their dreams and goals.

Lidia is a great Speaker.
Who engages the audience with both passion and purpose.
She is able to immerse the audience in thinking about their actions and seek ways to improve their Wellbeing while having fun!
A professional and forwarding thinking individual.
— Marlon M., Volunteers Programme Officer - Southwark Libraries

My work goes beyond being on the stage


I believe in helping people feel good about themselves, because when people feel good, they feel safe and energised to go out there and do amazing things for themselves, for their families, for their businesses and, for their communities.

I have also founded a community movement - The Feel Good Club to develop and deliver initiatives that help vulnerable individuals and groups increase their overall level of Wellbeing and quality of life.

If you would like me to come and talk at your event or to collaborate in other ways, please get in touch.

I am happy to help you deliver your message.

Feel Good > Enjoy Life

Lili x

PAST Public Speaking events

talks& workshops

2019 - BerryCole Studios, London

2019 - BerryCole Studios, London

2017 - Work.Life, London

2017 - Work.Life, London

2019 - Wellbeing Panel hosted by MA students at Central Saint Martins

2019 - Wellbeing Panel hosted by MA students at Central Saint Martins

2019 - Wellbeing Panel hosted by MA students at Central Saint Martins

2019 - Wellbeing Panel hosted by MA students at Central Saint Martins

2016 - Dulwich Library, London

2016 - Dulwich Library, London

2016 - Peckham Library, London

2016 - Peckham Library, London

Disclaimer: part of my speaking fees and part of the proceeds of the events I organise go towards supporting The Feel Good Club community initiatives.

You can read more about the Feel Good Club here.

Credits: All photos from the Jelly Bean Wedding Conference 2018 are by the beautiful, talented and, lovely Corina Photography.