So much has been written about the importance of Wellbeing. I wish I could say there is more to life than Wellbeing, but I can’t because without Wellbeing, you might as well have nothing.

Wellbeing means developing as a person, being fulfilled, and making a contribution to the community
— Shah H and Marks N

healthy in body and minD


In an ideal situation, we should all feel good in our skin, have energy to perform at work and, enjoy life. If you have landed here, it’s possibly because you are curious or looking for ways to increase your Wellbeing.

Welcome to the club.

If you are an Extremely Busy Person, you are probably trying to juggle several different roles and responsibilities. You might also have been so focused on your performance that you ended up neglecting your overall Wellbeing.

This usually happens in a very slow and consistent manner and goes unnoticed until an area of your life is severely affected or you experience overwhelm or burnout.

The reason why I become fascinated with Wellbeing & Lifestyle was due to curiosity and also because of my own personal experiences: struggle, loss and burnout. This led me to become fascinated with Wellbeing and convert to Self Care.

I’m most confident when I’m feeling good in my mind, body and soul.
— Duckie

My personal belief is that everyone has potential for something great and deserves to be happy. Hence the need for us as individuals and society to find effective ways to increase and maintain an optimal level of Wellbeing and help people create a Lifestyle that helps them feel good, perform well and, enjoy life.

wellbeing is more than just a buzz word

Wellbeing is more relevant now than ever because our modern lifestyle is extremely hectic and fast-paced which brings a lot more demands and expectations upon us as individuals and as a society.

In order for us to thrive and progress as species, we need to recognise our vulnerability and build avenues and create tools that can help individuals become responsible for their own Wellbeing and also advocates for a better quality of life for themselves, for their family, for their community and country.

Wellbeing matters

Especially because mental illnesses are on the rise worldwide. Depression is the no. 1 cause of ill health and disability worldwide. It affects more than 300 million.

If you add Stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma and Mental Health issues to the list, then the challenge becomes even bigger.

When people don’t feel good, they can’t perform well, they can’t enjoy life and they might end up dissatisfied with their life as whole.

At first, this might sound just like an individual problem, but in the long run it affects families, companies and communities because individuals are the pillars of all these units.

I believe that if we help people feel good about themselves, they will perform better, enjoy life more and can contribute more to society. Many studies have already proven this.

Self Care - a pathway to wellbeing

There is no denying that the key to optimum health and happiness lies in SELF CARE.

LifeinLili exists to supporting Extremely Busy People taking small actions on a day-to-day basis so that they can make the changes necessary to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. It starts with understanding that Self Care is a basic need and right of any individual and it is under their realm of control.


When I was learning “Psychological First Aid”, the first thing they taught us was to do Self Care in order to help other more effectively.

It was understood that the best way to care for others is to care for yourself. Otherwise, you become victim to the process of helping.

Lack of Self Care can lead to compassion burnout or emphatic stress, a phenomenon very common among people whose work entails helping others such as front line workers responding to psychological trauma, carers, teachers, social workers, managers and even parents.

I go around raising awareness about the importance of Wellbeing and Self Care for individuals, families, businesses and communities around the world.

Stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma and Mental Health issues affects many more people that we are aware of, but by helping individuals we can build community resilience.

When we first take care of ourselves, each one of us can have a better health and quality of life and have a positive impact in our immediate environment.

Please make the most of the resources available on this platform. If you like to work with me to improve your Wellbeing and design the Lifestyle you want, check out my services or get in touch.

Feel Good > Enjoy Life

Lili x